All the details about our privacy policy

There are so many different ways you can use our service – to search for information, to index your website, see statistics, etc. When you share some personal or impersonal information with us, for example registering to our website, commenting on websites or articles, we can use that feedback to improve our solution – analyze all feedback and make improvements to show more relevant search results, information and content.

We never share user information for any purpose for anyone unless it is stated here, they are only used for making improvements for our system. Only exception is user comments, as it is public viewable feature. To create website stats and history information, we constantly crawl the web and collect data from reliable sources. We don't place any kind of code to your website, or download something to your computer except cookies.

Cookies are small harmless text files which contain only page visits. After collecting process, we manually check all data to prevent unsafe content and environments. We believe automated systems cannot check and compare like human brains do no matter how we upgrade softwares. We do take measurements for security of this data in case of any attack. However, it is our users' duty to keep their information private. Never share your password/account with anyone, you will never be asked to share it by any administrator of this website.

Anyone who reaches and visits our website is considered as a user. A user cannot use our content or images or code for commercial purposes, they are only allowed to view, share on social media as long as they refer to this website.