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We live in a time where time is more precious then anything. We don't want to waste it, instead of living our life or take care of things we have to take care of. Watching and tracking a website is one of the time consuming things. To check general things about any website, you have to browse at least 10 websites, not to mention how many pages.

If you want to check statistics of any website, whether you are a pro or you are just interested, you need to check its position on several search engines, you need to check Alexa data, you need to check when domain is expiring and this list goes on and on. Our solution is to keep all these data in one place, in one page. This way you can access all information you want to know of any website without spending much time. If you have a website, these records are much valuable as you can see your own website success and can compare it with your rivals.

You can analyse which website doing what to achieve their success, what strategies do they follow, how active is any website on social media and this way you can plan new improvements for your own website to be more successful. We define success as higher place on search engines, higher page rank, higher Alexa rank, higher user visiting times and higher user spending time on your website.